Tinkle Gold 3

Tinkle Gold 3 is here! It’s time for another fun ride with the Tinkle Toons on their many adventures! 

Join the NOISians as they mend friendships and explore the secret tunnels. Shambu and Shanti continue their world tour and meet amazing animals. Shambu also bravely {ahem} saves the day. The Defective Detectives catch criminals, solve unimaginable mysteries and create havoc as they protect human race from destruction! Starlition fight robbers, but something sinister is underway. Tantri has some killer plans. Will they finally work? Read to find out! Suppandi showcases his splendid logic. Joining this ride are the awesome foursome Halbe sisters, Ina, Mina, Mynah, Mo, the super SuperWeirdos with some super villains and the mystical YogYodhas. Put on your seatbelts and get ready to laugh, cry, shout and enjoy! 

Tinkle Gold is a very special collection of stories that showcases the best of Tinkle. Most stories in this collection are appearing in print for the first time and you’ll find the latest stories of all our Toons.  

This product is in pre-order phase and will be delivered to you by or after 20th October 2023.

Tinkle Gold 3
This item: Tinkle Gold 3
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