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Mahabharata – 3 Volume Set


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Mahabharata Epic Storybook Set

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana are the two great epics of ancient India. The Mahabharata is a multifaceted story with numerous characters and infinite learning. In summary, it is the storybook of the battle of Kurukshetra fought between two cousin clans, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, for the throne of Hastinapura. The Mahabharata war is one of the legendary battles in literature. It also lays the setting for the holy Gita, Lord Krishna’s discourse on dharma. Full of twists and turns, it’s packed to the brim with action, betrayal, deceit, brotherhood, faith, loyalty, trust, disgust, anger, and more. The Amar Chitra Katha Mahabharata set highlights every minor and major event of the epic storybook, collected across 42 books split into three volumes.

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Mahabharata 3 Vol set is a comprehensive retelling of the greatest epic ever.

Volume 1: The Kuru Princes

The Mahabharata first volume describes the lineage of the Kuru princes. When Pandu, the father of Pandavas, dies in the forest, his wife Kunti returns to Hastinapura with her five sons. The great Dronacharya trains the Kuru princes in the art of war. The extraordinary skills of Pandavas invoke jealousy and hate in Duryodhana and the other Kaurava princes towards their cousins. Duryodhana plots the exile of Pandavas, hatching a plot to burn them alive. From the Pandavas’ miraculous escape from Duryodhana’s evil schemes to their eventual marriage to the beautiful Draupadi, this tale will keep you engaged throughout!

Volume 2: The Pandavas in Exile

The Mahabharata second volume describes the crucial event that triggered the Pandavas’ exile. A fateful game of dice that the wily Shakunni rigs in the favour of the Kauravas leads to the Pandavas losing their entire kingdom and their wife, Draupadi, to their cousin clan, the Kauravas.  On that very day, Draupadi takes a vindictive oath of not braiding her hair until it is washed with the blood of Dushasana, Duryodhana’s brother who tried to disrobe her in public. As a punishment for their loss, they are sent into exile for 13 years. However, at the end of the period of exile, when the Pandavas come back to claim their kingdom, Duryodhana refuses to let go of his ill-gotten gains, further fueling Draupadi’s desire of vengeance.

Volume 3: On the Battlefield of Kurukshetra

This volume narrates every detail of the actual Mahabharata war, from how Krishna tried to unsuccessfully resolve the conflict between the cousin clans peacefully to the events on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, fought over 18 days. The battle is not easy for both sides, but with Krishna’s guidance and Arjuna’s unwavering faith in him, the victory of the Pandavas is assured in the end.

With Amar Chitra Katha’s stamp of approval, assuring readers of in-depth research by our eminent editorial team and stunning artwork brought to life by our expert artists, this collection is a must-have for every Indian household looking to explore their roots. The comic style narration makes the epic easier and more accessible for people of all ages to follow. Find the route to your roots through Amar Chitra Katha!

This is an essential storybook for every household.

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