Tales of Birbal and Other Stories

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Pack consist of the following titles:

  • Birbal the wise
  • Birbal the clever
  • Birbal the witty
  • Birbal the just
  • Birbal the genius
  • Birbal the inimitable
  • Birbal to the rescue
  • Raman of Tenali
  • Raman the matchless wit
  • Gopal the jester


Akbar and Birbal stories are one of the most popular children folktales in India. Birbal was the wisest minister at the court of emperor Akbar. Birbal had a reputation for being kind and just too. His presence of mind also helped the emperor Akbar get out of sticky situations easily. According to various folktales, anybody who interacted with Birbal got impressed by his wit and humour. All of these make Birbal stories one of the best moral stories for kids.

Tenali Ramakrishnan was a Telugu poet, thinker, and scholar. He was a Special Advisor in the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya. Tenali Raman, like Birbal, was quite clever and witty. Raman’s stories highlight his presence of mind and his sense of humour. Tenali Rama folktales are great moral stories of kids.

Akbar-Birbal stories and tales of Tenali Raman are short and fun to read. In fact, it is enjoyed by all age groups. Who doesn’t love moral stories? With Amar Chitra Katha’s beautiful illustrations the characters come alive making the moral stories even more interesting for kids. The simple conversational style of narration help children learn faster and grasp the moral values of the stories better. This collection of Tales of Birbal and Other Stories comprises of 10 most popular titles of Birbal and Tenali Raman.


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