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Jataka Collection


Jataka Collection is a collection of ten titles from the Amar Chitra Katha series.

  • Monkey stories
  • Elephant stories
  • Deer stories
  • The jackal and the war drum
  • The mouse merchant
  • Stories of wisdom
  • Shrenik
  • The hidden treasure
  • Animal tales of India 3-in-1

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Jataka Tales
This item: Jataka Collection
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Tales of Jataka

Jataka stories are a collection of folktales from the past lives of Buddha, in both human and animal form, before he attained enlightenment. Jataka tales are straightforward and easy to understand. Therefore, it has a universal application. These folktales have been retold and passed on from generations. Jataka stories teach important moral values, which revolve around being virtuous. The Jataka tales are an important part of Buddhist literature.


Our illustrations bring characters alive and make the stories even more fun. The simple language and comic style make it an interesting stories for kids. Impart the important values in your child at an early age. Provide your kids with the essential tool to develop into an ideal human. Let your children read it out loud and explain to you what is their takeaway from the stories. Let your child learn the essential morals of life through Amar Chitra Katha, the expert storytellers.


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