ACK Hindi Assorted Pack of 10

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The ACK Hindi assorted pack of 10 brings you beloved classics that you love, in Hindi. This set includes popular stories of brave kings and queens, great thinkers and mythological heroes and heroines. It also contains fun fables and light reads from the Panchatantra and Jataka collections as well as witty and humour tales. Sure to entertain children as well as adults, this Hindi set is our effort to make our catalogue accessible to a wider audiencel. With titles like ‘Vidvan Pandit’, ‘Nyayapriya Birbal’, ‘Samrat Ashoka’ and ‘Jatak Kathaein’, this assorted Hindi pack is also a great way to introduce children to Hindi. The simple, conversational Hindi is easy to understand for even smaller children and the vibrant artwork is what Amar Chitra Katha does best! Give your child the perfect chance to learn more about Indian culture in a regional language.