Zorastrianism 101,Grade5-6

Welcome to your Zorastrianism 101,Grade5-6

Who is the founder of Zoroastrianism?

Where did Zoroastrianism originate?

Your new question!
What is the name of Zoroastrianism's holy book?

Which element is considered the most sacred in Zoroastrianism?

What was the name of Zarathushtra's mother?

Unlike other babies, when Zarathushtra was born, he ________________

When Zarathushtra's ageing father asked him what he wanted as his inheritance, what did Zarathushtra reply?

Zarathushtra crossed a river once by walking through it, the water never rising above his neck. What was the name of the river?

What is the name of the Zoroastrian new year?

Who among the following is NOT an angel of Ahura Mazda?

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