Jainism 101,Grade5-6

Welcome to your Jainism 101,Grade5-6

Many Jains believe Mahavira is not the first tirthankara to have existed. How many tirthankaras are said to have come before Mahavira?

What was the name of Mahavira's father?

What was Mahavira's original name?

What does the name Mahavira mean?

How old was Mahavira when he left his family to become an ascetic?

How many years did Mahavira roam as a naked ascetic before attaining enlightenment?

What was the very first principle of Jainism that Mahavira laid down?

Which king did Mahavira preach to at Rajagriha about the three jewels?

How old was Mahavira when he attained nirvana?

Which of the following is NOT one of Jainism's five vratas?

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