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From a helpful fox to a lazy crow, from an invisible monster to a man who sold his cow to a chameleon, there are many interesting tales in the rich oral traditions of the Siddi, Ahirani and Nahali communities. The Siddi are a tribe belonging to the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. They trace their ancestry back to the African continent but the tribe and their culture has become a part of India’s unique heritage. The Khandesh region of Maharashtra is home to the Ahirani people, who are named after the language they speak. Over centuries, the Ahirani language developed from Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bhil languages. Nahali is the language spoken by the Nahal people of Nandurbar district in Maharashtra. Popularised by trade in the region, Nahali is widely spoken even in parts of Madhya Pradesh. Like all ancient cultures, stories form an important part of the cultures of these communities as they impart lessons and timeless knowledge across generations. Amar Chitra Katha presents Tribal Folklore of India, a collection of folktales from the Siddi, Ahirani and Nahali communities of India. From the Editor: This collection of folktales has been created with the help of research and stories from Lite India Pvt. Ltd. We have reached out to members of the tribes and heard the stories from them. It’s been a learning experience and the team and I hope that the stories will help reinforce the fact that India is a beautifully diverse country, and this diversity needs to be protected and cherished.


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