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The Tinkle Trio Collection

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What’s better than one Suppandi collection? Nine Suppandi collections in one amazing box set! Suppandi is a cheerful goof who has worked on multiple jobs. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lasted in any of them past a day or two!

In this box set, you will find Suppandi going treasure hunting, revisiting his childhood (mis)adventures and dabbling in magical arts! You’ll also find Super Suppandi battling a giant mutant mouse and rescuing Rapunzel… or at least trying to!


From fatal needles and poisonous paints to hiccoughing potions and dastardly flying machines, Tantri tries everything to get rid of the jovial Hooja once and for all. Strap yourself in for a rollicking time with Tinkle’s favorite antihero in his perennial search for a ‘royally ever after!’

This box set contains seven titles dedicated to our unlucky villain, guaranteed to keep you in splits for days on end!


When it comes to Shambu, one book is never enough. Which is why we put together EIGHT books in one box set, filled to the brim with his lucky adventures!

For those who don’t know Shambu, he’s a conservationist and a wildlife expert. But he is no brave heart. He is secretly terrified of animals and has no love for adventure! Trouble always finds its way to Shambu and luck always finds him a way out.

In this box set, you’ll find Shambu (unwillingly) exploring deep, dark forests to rescue everything from orangutans to dangerous crocs. And Earth’s not the limit! Shambu is even needed on planet Saturn to tame a monstrous alien. With all these adventures awaiting him, Shambu can catch anything but some sleep!

Tinkle Trio Collection
This item: The Tinkle Trio Collection
Original price was: ₹6,214.00.Current price is: ₹4,999.00.
Original price was: ₹6,214.00.Current price is: ₹4,999.00.
Tinkle Double Double Digest
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Tinkle Origins Volume 4
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Tinkle Holiday Special 52
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“Dive into the world of Tinkle and get lost in the stories of your favourite Tinkle Toons of all time! The Tinkle Trio Collection includes three individual box sets, compiling the adventures of Shambu, Tantri and Suppandi! Each of these box sets contain seven to nine books each, completely dedicated to this amazing Tinkle trio!

Grab this set for a never-ending ride of laughter, drama and adventure!


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