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Tinkle Timeless Collection


Tinkle Timeless Collection
This item: Tinkle Timeless Collection
Best Of Tinkle Digest Assorted Pack of 10
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Take a detailed look at the origins and evolution of your favourite Tinkle Toons with Tinkle Origins. It will take you through time and acquaint you with the adventures of these Toons over time.

Entertain and educate yourself with the portable Tinkle Digest. These are the perfect mixtures of fun and learning, providing page after page of exciting reading material!

Enjoy the endless goof-ups of Suppandi with Suppandi: The Essential Collection. Laugh as he leaves everyone around him baffled!

Join Shambu on his “wild” adventures with Shambu: The Essential Collection. His hilarious stories of accidental success will never fail to make you laugh!

Witness Tantri’s deviousness with Tantri: The Essential Collection. His constant plotting is guaranteed to entertain you!


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