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The Special Shiva Collection

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This pack consists of the following titles:

  • Shiva Parvati
  • Sati & Shiva
  • Tales OF Shiva
  • Ganesha
  • Kartikeya
  • Tripura
  • Thanjavur
  • Andhaka
  • Ayyappan
  • Elephanta

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Lord Shiva is the god of destruction. He, together with Brahma and Vishnu, form the Hindu Trinity. Amar Chitra Katha brings you the Special Shiva Collection which contains a collection of books based on stories of Shiva. Each book narrates a different incident of Shiva’s life revealing pieces of his nature. He is the one who destroys. He is the mighty god with extreme power and is also the saviour of earth and heaven. The mythological stories of Shiva provide some of the most invaluable lessons of life.

When a powerful demon threatens the gods in heaven and the gods with the help of Parvati, Brahma and Kama, decide to wake Shiva from his meditative state, nothing seems to enchant the stern lord. From his snowy abode on Mount Kailasa, Lord Shiva travelles far and wide, answering the prayers of his devotees. He would often be in disguise to ensure that his favours went only to the deserving. And so it was that he battled with the dauntless Pandava Arjuna, cast his net into the seas as he mingled with humble fisherfolk and emerged from the sand to kick aside even the mighty Yama, god of death. Shiva and Parvati have two mighty sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya, each as powerful as their father.

The great temple in Thanjavur dedicated to Lord Shiva also has a fascinating story linked to it. Lord Shiva, it is believed, has many faces and multiple forms, and each tells a tale. Visitors to an emerald-green island off the coast of Mumbai are reminded of these dramatic episodes by the work of skilful, dedicated sculptors, who lived more than 1,300 years ago! Their carvings have survived in the caves of Elephanta, despite the ravages of time. Read all these and more mythological stories of Lord Shiva in our special collection.

With the exemplary artwork by our expert illustrators, backed by in-depth research by our master editors, this collection is bound to immerse you in the colours of Shiva Stories and guide you with important insights into life.


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