Jesus Christ


Get drawn into the story of the messiah, the man who referred to himself as the son of man but was proved in the end to be the son of God. Receive inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from this book that beautifully illustrates both.

Jesus Christ
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This Amar Chitra Katha special issue encapsulates the story of the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ. From his miraculaous birth to his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus’ life was full of life lessons and moral stories. Jesus Christ taught the world the importance of love, forgiveness and peace. The story of Jesus’s life is an inspiration for millions, and will leave you totally captivated. The life of Jesus Christ is a monument to humanity, his lessons the perfect moral compass for young children. Through his parables, he stressed the importance of brotherhood and the need for charity and right action in society.

Amar Chitra Katha’s comic biographies are the perfect way to get your child to learn about legendary personalities from the past, thanks to the comic-style narration by our expert editorial team, coupled with vibrant illustrations by our veteran artists. This title is the best book on the parables of Jesus as well, with the pictorial depiction of each taking them beyond just the written word.


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