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Ancient Kings Of India


Collection Of The Following Titles:

  • Bimbisara
  • Ajatashatru
  • Shalivahana
  • Vikramaditya
  • Lalitaditya
Ancient Kings Of India
This item: Ancient Kings Of India
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In ancient times, India was ruled by many valiant kings. These kings went down in history and folklore, famed for their warcraft, their generosity and their sense of justice.

Vikramaditya’s Gupta Empire is known for its scholars and poets, while Shalivahana is credited with establishing the Saka calendar still in use in much of the country. Lalitaditya was a king of Kashmir. He was a keen builder as well as a warrior who conquered most of North India and parts of Central Asia. Bimbisara was the first ruler of the powerful Magadha Empire. Buddhist and Jain texts each claim him as a follower, as a contemporary and disciple of Buddha and Mahavira, respectively. He was succeeded by his son Ajatashatru, who while first opposed to Buddha, soon became an eager devotee.

This collection brings together some of the best-loved and most powerful of India’s ancient rulers.


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