Stories of Krishna (Krishna-the Protector Of Dharma)

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Collection Of The Following Titles:

  • Krishna
  • Krishna and Rukmini
  • The Symantaka Gem
  • Krishna and Jarasandha
  • Krishna and Narakasura


Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. A playful cowherd and supreme intellectual, Krishna is revered as one of the most romantic gods of Indian mythology. Lord Krishna stories are enticing and inspiring. As a child, he was the most mischievous and enthusiastic. He plunged from one escapade into another. As a lover, he was a charmer and heartthrob of all gopis (milkmaids). Radha was Krishna’s consort and the stories of divine love of Radha and Krishna are admired by many. As a vanquisher of demons, he destroyed many evil forces including Trinavarta, Putana, Aghasura, Bakasura, Narakasura, and others. A major part of the Krishna story also overlays with Mahabharata as he was Pandava’s guide and friend.

It is important for kids to know Lord Krishna stories to appreciate the glory and magnificence of our rich Puranas. Our book ‘Stories of Krishna’ comprises five enthralling stories that show different facets of Krishna. The striking illustrations make it an even more interesting read. Comics make complex mythology stories a simple and fun read.


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