Profile: Kabir

- May 14, 2021

By Vijita Mukherjee Jyon naino me putli Tyon malik ghat mahin Moorakh log na janhin Bahar dhundan  jahin – Kabir Illustration: Mitushi Sharma Simple language garbing a complex thought process; that is the essence of the poetry of Kabir Das. He used the language of the common man and examples from an ordinary life and spoke that extraordinary truth, which is beyond the grasp of many a learned scholar and philosophical tomes.      Life Born in 1398, Kabir’s parentage is unknown and hotly debated.  He was brought up by a weaver named Niru and his wife Nima in Varanasi. They practised Islam. His spiritual teacher was Swami Ramanand, a Hindu. However, his own religion was one that he discovered within himself. He followed a path illuminated by his own experience, which was a far cry from the dogmas and doctrines of any of the faiths around him. He married a hermit’s daughter named Loi, but was not really interested in the affairs of the world. The religious leaders of all the faiths around him found his unconformity threatening. However, Kabir was unconcerned with their views and distilled his inner growth into a treasure of poetry. ...

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