The Rajputs,Grade7-8

Welcome to your The Rajputs,Grade7-8

Name Rana Pratap's horse.

Akbar battled a valiant Rana of Mewar in the battle of Haldighati. Who was he?

Who ruled Mewar between 1433 AD and 1468 AD?

Bhagat Singh once acted in a school play based on a famous Rajput ruler. What was his name?

Mohammed Ghori faced defeat at the hands of a Rajput king in the first battle of Tarain. Who was he?

Which Rajput dynasty was responsible for the construction of the beautiful temples of Khajuraho?

What was the name of the Rajput general who betrayed Rana Sanga and joined forces with Babur?

What was the name of Prithivraj Chauhan's queen, who was also the daughter of Raja Jaichand?

What was the name of Prithviraj Chauhan's court poet, who composed the Prithviraj Raso?

Which fortress did Rana Kumbha lay siege to in his first tussle with Mahmud Ghazni?

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