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Stories From The Sanskrit Drama


Collection Of The Following Titles:

  • Shakuntala
  • Urvashi
  • Udayana
  • Vasant Sena
  • Ratnavali


Indian literature has a long tradition, stretching back more than 25 centuries and encompassing hundreds of languages including Sanskrit. The book ‘Stories from the Sanskrit Drama’ brings you five famous short fiction stories. These fiction stories are written by renowned Indian thinkers such as Kalidas. Kalidas’ plays had a taste of lyrical romance, politics, strategy and revenge. His writings are so phenomenal that they are considered to be some of the best Indian literature of all times. These Sanskrit dramas were inspired by a variety of mythological sources. These stories of Great Indian Classics are told and re-told to this day, adapted into stories, plays, and films.

Kids can learn a lot from these short fiction stories. The graphics make these stories fun to read. Comic style narrative help kids understand complex stories in simple ways.


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