What’s in a Name?

- August 2, 2020

Long ago, people would give long names to their kids. It was believed that long names brought in good fortune. In a small Indian village, there lived a couple with their two sons. To call upon great fortune, the couple had named one of their sons Tala Bini Bendo Toko Miki Sembu Chima Chimena Kit Kit Kuki Muzi Pizi Hala and the other son was called Semu.

The two kids were very close to each other. They spent quality time playing and studying together. On an ill-fated day, while playing a ball game with his brother, Semu fell into a well.

Illustration: Bidya Pradhan

His brother panicked but quickly ran home. He said, “Mother, Semu has fallen into the well. We need help.” His mother was feeding the birds in the courtyard. Hearing the news she freaked out and rushed to her husband and exclaimed, “Semu fell into a well. Get a ladder soon!” The father got a ladder and hurried to the place of accident, “I am coming, Semu!” In no time, Semu was rescued from the well, safe......

Comic of The Month

Kalpana Chawla

Unconventional clothes and bobbed hair were not the only indications of Kalpana's zest for life - this spirited young girl from Karnal wanted to fly! Her intelligence was multi-faceted, her talents varied and her interests inspiring. The path she charted from her traditional home in Haryana to NASA's elite band of astronauts is the stuff of legends.

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