The King Who Loved Stories

- July 28, 2020

Every region has different legends and lore that help us learn the essential values of life. While we all love listening to stories, we know that stories are a medium of inducing good sleep. Indeed, there are stories that make us yawn but here is a folktale from Karnataka about a king who never got bored of listening to stories.

A Story to End All Stories

Here is a legend from Karnataka telling the story of a king who never got bored of listening to stories.Art and Animation by Shruti Jain and Mudita SinghScript by Yukta Chopra

Posted by The Amar Chitra Katha Studio on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Art and Animation: Shruti Jain and Mudita Singh
Script: Yukta Chopra

Comic of The Month

Chennamma of Keladi

There was great consternation in the court of Keladi, when the king married a commoner but Chennamma was born to be a queen. She challenged stereotypes, mastered archery and riding, took over as ruler after the death of the king, and even marched out at the head of her army to battle the invaders.

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