Quote from Isaiah

- December 24, 2021

The prophet Isaiah foretold the circumstances of the birth of Jesus Christ and the role he would play in shaping humankind, several centuries before Christ’s coming. This quote, taken from the Book of Isaiah, prophesied the birth of Jesus as the Son of God and speaks of him as the symbol of peace, love and kindness, leading humanity on the path of righteousness.

Comic of The Month


Dasharatha, the prince of Ayodhya, was out hunting when he heard the sound of an elephant drinking water. Aiming his bow, the prince shot in the direction of the sound. Tragically, the arrow killed a youth who was filling water in a pitcher for his old and blind parents. The anguished father cursed Dasharatha that one day he would die grieving for his son. Dasharatha's son was the valiant and unparalleled, Rama.

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