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5 Important Authors From Marathi Literature

- July 30, 2021

By Krithika Nair Maharashtra has a rich culture of literature and arts. It has been the birthplace of many legendary names, from the Bhakti poets like Dnyaneshwar and Chokhamela to playwrights like Kusumagraj and filmmakers like Dadasaheb Phalke. While Marathi Sahitya is full of great authors and phenomenal works, here is a list of some important authors whose works are still regarded as some of the best in the field of literature. Illustration: Sachin Adhare and Narendra Pardhi Vijay Tendulkar Vijay Tendulkar is one of the most prominent names in modern Indian playwriting. His plays revolve around contemporary social issues and were often inspired by real incidents from the time. He employed many experimental as well as native techniques in his plays. A recurring theme in a lot of his works is violence, be it political or personal. He is best known for the plays Ghashiram Kotwal and Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe, which was also made into a film in Marathi. Apart from being a playwright, Tendulkar also wrote screenplays, novels and short...

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