The Significance of Gopalkala

- February 4, 2022

By Kayva Gokhale 

Gokulashtami, or the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, is one of India’s most beloved festivals. In Maharashtra, celebrations in most places are largely centred around the dahi handi. Almost every neighbourhood sees young boys and girls forming intricate pyramids to reach the pot of food strung up high above. While dahi handi literally translates to ‘pot filled with curd’, this description is not exactly accurate, since the pot actually contains a specially made festive dish called ‘Gopalkala’.

Illustration: Ram Waeerkar

Gopalkala is a typical Maharashtrian, yoghurt-based dish which is filled in the dahi handi and also offered as prasad on the festive day. This dish contains a myriad of ingredients such......

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