Interesting facts about Jana Gana Mana

- January 25, 2021

By Srinidhi Murthy The national anthem of India was written by Rabindranath Tagore. Majority of us are aware of this but here are some of the lesser-known facts about ‘Jana Gana Mana’ that you should know. Illustration: Souren Roy Did you know that the complete national anthem is just one of the five stanzas of the original hymn? In 1911, Tagore wrote a five-stanza Bengali hymn, Bharata Bhagyo Bidhata, which was published in a journal named Tatwabodhini Patrika. The first stanza of this hymn was adopted as the national anthem of India in 1950. It was rumoured to be written to honour the British king. The song was written a day before the coronation of King George V. Many quickly concluded that this was written by Tagore to honour the British king. Tagore was distressed by this rumour. He penned his feelings in a letter which stated that he had written the song to prono...

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