Different Celebrations of Vijayadashami

- October 8, 2021

People across India celebrate Vijayadashami or Dussehra as a day of triumph and victory in many different ways. Each state adds its own flavour to the festival making it a riot of vibrance and colour. Ramlila Across North India, the festival is celebrated with the Ramlila, an open-air theatre performance depicting various incidents from Lord Rama’s life. The most dramatic par...

Comic of The Month


Prahlad drove his monstrous father to a murderous rage. He insisted on praising Lord Vishnu who was considered a sworn enemy by his father Hiranyakashipu. When he tried to punish his disobedient son, Hiranyakashipu's potent poisons turned to nectar while his lethal weapons fell harmlessly away. In this tale of bloodthirsty revenge, Prahlad's only defence is his devotion which dramatically puts an end to all evil.

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