Digital Literacy

- September 14, 2022

The Digi Pullampara project, was launched in late 2021, by the Pullampara panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram, to achieve 100 percent digital literacy. 3300 residents, who are all aged above 45, were taught how to use smartphones to make calls, perform internet banking and use WhatsApp and YouTube, without anyone’s help. Due to this initiative, the local body is on its way to achieve the status of fully digital literate panchayat in the nation. 

Comic of The Month

Dr Kotnis in China

In 1938, twenty-eight-year-old Dr Dwarkanath Kotnis was part of a medical mission that India sent to aid China in its war with Japan. Dr Kotnis was committed to saving lives, even in the precarious war-time situation. He remained behind to continue his work in China after the rest of his group returned. He was, and remains, a selfless and fearless hero to the people of China and India alike. 

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