- July 15, 2022

Illustration: Navya Talshilkar

The word ‘Soma’ has many references in the Puranic texts, here are some of them –

  1. The juice extracted from the Soma creeper that is consumed by the Devas.
  2. The son of Atri and Anasuya, who is said to be an incarnation of Brahma.
  3. Another name for the Moon God, one of the eight Vasus.

Comic of The Month


A hundred sons, the sages say, are a hundred blessings. Gandhari's hundred Kaurava sons, however, were more of a curse. Did they become evil by some divine plan or was it because she was proudly blind to their faults? Helpless as they heaped dishonour on the family, she was furious with Lord Krishna for abetting in her son's eventual slaughter. Unfortunately, her grief was overpowering, and threatened to wreak further havoc.

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