- September 5, 2022

The word Kapila has several references in the Puranas. Here are some of them:

Illustration: Ritoparna Hazra
1. A grandson of Brahma who was known to be a fierce sage. He is believed to be a form of Vishnu. It was Kapila who cursed the sons of Sagara to be burnt to ashes. His curse led to Bhagirath bringing Ganga down to earth!
2. Another name of Surya, which means “The red one”.
3. A serpent king who holds the earth in its position along with Dharma, Kama, Kala, Vasu, Vasuki and Ananta.

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Ganesha revered in India as the remover of obstacles is first and foremost an obedient son. Standing guard at his mother's door, this son of Parvati refuses to let anyone through. Even Lord Shiva is denied entry! This confrontation between father and son has one beneficial outcome, the emergence of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom.

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