Arunasura and Brahmari

- June 5, 2020


Do you know the story of the near-immortal demon, Arunasura, and his conflict with the Goddess Brahmari? Even though he became more powerful than most gods and goddesses, Brahmari was able to vanquish him in moments, that too without any celestial weapons or magical mantras. Read on to find out how.

Brahma grants a boon 

The demon Aruna meditated for hundreds of years. His penance was so severe that he only lived on a few drops of water every day. Lord Brahma feared that if he didn’t pay head to Aruna’s penance, Aruna’s power might destroy the universe. Ultimately, he gave in and granted Arunasura a boon. Aruna wished that he could be immortal. 

Lord Brahma said that nobody can be immortal, and hence he cannot grant him this wish. Aruna thought to just tweak the boon a little to tease Brahma. He said, “Grant that I cannot be killed by any god, demon, animal, man or woman. May no four-legged or two-legged creature be a match for me. May no weapon be able to harm me.” Brahma smiled to himself, knowing that Aruna was unaware that this boon did mean he was mortal. He granted Aruna his wish and disappeared. 

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Extremely proud of having his wish granted, Aruna became fearless and consumed with pride. He considered himself to be invincible. He wreaked havoc in the three worlds. He didn’t even leave the devas alone, harassing gods and goddesses who then sought refuge under Lord Brahma. When Indra questioned Brahma about granting the boon, Brahma replied that all that is born must die. He consoled Indra that Aruna shall be destroyed soon. Indra wasn’t satisified. Looking at the restless Indra, Brahma suggested they go to Vishnu for counsel.

Illustration: Rajib Das
The gods seek refuge 

At Vaikuntha, Vishnu was also very concerned about the speed at which Aruna was devastating the three worlds. He suggested that they all should assemble at Kailasha, Shiva’s abode. Shiva told them that Aruna was blessed and protected by goddess Gayatri. As long as he was under her shelter, nobody could harm him. The legendary guru Brihaspati was requested to make an attempt to get Aruna to forsake Gayatri Devi. Although he agreed to try, he also asked the other gods to pray to the supreme goddess, the embodiment of female energy, Shakti. She was the only one who could rescue them now. 

Meanwhile, Guru Brihaspati reached Gayatri Devi’s ashram and teased Aruna by equating Aruna with the other sages. Aruna couldn’t take this. After all, he considered himself to be the most powerful of all. Brihaspati explained that sages live under the protection of gods by chanting mantras and so does Aruna. “After all, you do chant the Gayatri mantra every day, don’t you?”, teased the guru. Aruna got furious and said that he didn’t need anybody’s grace. Just as Brihaspati had hoped, Aruna’s pride made him forsake the goddess. 

Shakti is pleased

Pleased with the devotion of the gods, goddess Shakti appeared as goddess Brahmari, the goddess of black bees. The gods asked Brahmari for protection but reminded her of Arunasura’s boon. Brahmari was well aware of the blessing granted to him. She said that she needed no army or weapon to kill him. She assured them that it would be his last day today. 

Illustration: Rajib Das

When Brahmari reached Arunasura’s kingdom, she summoned the demon. Aruna didn’t take her seriously. He asked his general to take a small army and deal with her. Little did Aruna know that Brahmari was in no mood to waste time. She destroyed his small army in the blink of an eye. Arunasura got furious and appeared in front of Brahmari with his armour on. With all his pride he said, “You don’t stand a chance against me. I cannot be killed by a man, let alone a woman. Bring your army. They cannot even touch me.” 

Brahmari smirked, “You better take a closer look at my army.” She raised her hands and in a split second, there was a downpour of bees and hornets. The sky darkened. The earth trembled. Nobody could stand the buzzing of her army.

Illustration: Rajib Das

Her army stung Aruna and he was destroyed in minutes. True to the boon, Aruna was not destroyed by god, demon, animal, man or woman, nor was his destroyer four-legged or two-legged. They were six-legged insects, tinier than his little finger but more powerful in the end!

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