iGiver – Donate & Give

Fifty years ago, Our Legendary Founder Mr Pai, known fondly as Uncle Pai, was concerned that young people in his country had lost touch with their cultural heritage. He launched an educational comic series that presented kid-friendly Indian religious and historical stories.

The comics, titled Amar Chitra Katha which literally means Immortal Illustrated Stories became a ubiquitous vehicle for generations, not only as a source of joy, but also as a medium of education. Educating generations about the values and deep Cultural Heritage of India.

One such value which is steeply ingrained into the very fabric of what makes our country great, is Giving. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with an innovative platform called iGiver. A simple app which connects kind hearted people to NGO across country, for inkind, anonymous contributions.

As ardent supporters , you can easily give ACK books to underprivileged Children Homes across Country, through the app. The givers will receive a thank you video, from the NGO, personally, as a token of appreciation from the beneficiary.

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