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Toys of Indus Valley Civilization

- June 25, 2021

By Shivam Pathania  Toys are not just an article of amusement for children but it also helps them learn holistic skills that are essential for the overall growth of a human being. In India, children have a wide variety of traditional toys to choose from. There are dolls, puppets, animal figurines, kitchen sets and traditional games, made out of different materials like wood, cloth, metal, terracotta, etc. This rich heritage of traditional toys originated in the subcontinent several thousand years ago in the Indus Valley civilization. In 2000 BCE when the majority of the human population was still dependent on skills like hunting and gathering for their sustenance, there were a handful of civilizations that emerged around the globe which were far more developed in many aspects. Indus Valley Civilization is one such developed civilization that evolved around in the north-western part of the Indian subcontinent. As the name suggests, this society was established around the fertile plains of the river Indus which included parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwest India. The ancient city and its citizens pioneered agriculture, trade, measurements, urban layouting, architecture, irrigation and drainage systems. The people in the civilization had also mastered the art of making toys out of clay. Illustration: Yusuf Bangalorewala and Ramanand Bhagat Most of the toys found at this UNESCO World heritage site were found in and around the city of Mohenjo-Daro. The toys reflected the societal norms, the social values, the living conditions, and the fauna of th...

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