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The Submarines of the Indian Navy

- December 1, 2021

Operating a submarine is both an art and a science. While a submarine is a potent ‘force multiplier’, it operates in the underwater medium that is constantly rife with danger. Only the most courageous, skilled and disciplined humans can thrive in a confined steel tube submerged below the waves for days on end. The Indian Navy holds the proud distinction of having developed a very competent and professional submarine arm in the last 50 years. INS Kalvari Illustration: ACK Design Team In 1967 INS Kalvari, a Russian ‘Foxtrot’ class submarine was commissioned. Between 1967 and 1974, seven more submarines were commissioned from Russia. These would be in the Kalvari class and Vela class. India’s first submarine base, INS Virbahu, was commissioned in Visakhapatnam in 1971. Another submarine base, INS Vajrabahu, was commissioned at Mumbai in 1996. Because submarine warfare requires a lot of technical know-how, the Indian Navy trains and produces world-class submariners. The first Submarine Training establishment was INS Satavahana, also in Visakhapatnam. Kilo Class submarines Illustration: ACK Design Team Between 1986 and 2000, the Indian Navy acquired eight Sindughosh Class or Kilo Class submarines. These are extremely silent and highly automated boats with advanced weapons, including missiles. Shishumar Class of submarines [caption id="attachment_29626" a...

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