A Brief History Of The Indian Flag

- August 4, 2020

From the first unofficial flag to the tricolour we unfurl today, here is as an interesting timeline tracing the evolution of the Indian flag.

Indian Flag – 1906

This unofficial flag of India was first hoisted at Parsee Bagan Square, in Calcutta, on August 7, 1906. It was also unfurled by Bhikaji Cama at the International Socialist Conference in Stuttgart, Germany.


Indian Flag – 1917

Dr Annie Besant and Lokmanya Tilak hoisted this flag in 1917, during the Home Rule Movement. The flag had seven stars that denoted the Saptarshi.

Indian Flag – 1921

This flag was unofficially adopted in 1921. Originally in two colours, the third colour, white, was added on Gandhiji’s suggestion. The spinning wheel signified a progressing nation.

Indian Flag – 1931

In 1931, the tricolour was adopted as our national flag with Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha in the middle.

Indian Flag – 1947

The Constituent Assembly accepted the tricolour as the national flag on July 22, 947. After independence, the charkha was replaced with the Ashoka Chakra.

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