5 Indian Christmas Delicacies

- December 24, 2021

By Krithika Nair While Indians unite in the festivals they celebrate, how they do it differs across the land. Every city, every village has its unique traditions, treats and rituals. While some have cultural significance, some just grow over time, getting passed on from generation to generation, like a precious family heirloom. As we gear up for the festive season, here are some lip-smacking Christmas special delicacies from all over the country that you could look forward to as you visit your friends and family to celebrate this joyous festival. Kuswar Illustration: Sachin Adhare Kuswar is not a dish by itself but rather an assortment of sweets and savouries, prepared in advance and exchanged between friends and family, as part of the Christmas festivities among Goans and Mangaloreans. The tradition is said to have been inspired by the Portuguese concept of ‘consoada’, although there are other such traditions in India as well, such as the tradition of preparing and distributing ‘faral’ during Diwali in Maharashtra. Kuswar plates include many dishes, but most popularly feature delicacies such as bebinca, rose kokkisam, guliyo, dodol, neureyo, kidyo, tukdi, patheka, kormola, different types of laddu and much more. Achappam Illustration: Sachin Adhare...

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