Tinkle Creative Writing Workshop


The Tinkle Magazine is India’s most-loved children’s magazine and is currently in its 40th year! This workshop created by the Tinkle Team is designed to help children nurture their creativity and give it an outlet using the tips and techniques of creative writing.

What will the child learn:

  • Nurture their imagination and build on that to create great stories
  • Hone their writing skills and learn how to edit their stories
  • Understand the creative process of how stories are conceptualised, characters developed and how the story comes together
  • Build communication skills
  • Boost self-esteem and encourage self-expression


A super fun 10-day creative writing workshop where children hone their imagination to come up with stories while playing games. Learn the skills required to come up with great ideas and craft them into interesting stories.

Ages: 7 to 10 yrs

Minimum Batch Size: 25!


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