Tinkle Holiday Special No.47

Tinkle Holiday Special No.47

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What’s special?

Join Anusha and Nikolai as they help out a most peculiar mouse from a sticky situation. And the weirdest thing about the mouse—it’s a god! See how this is possible in the Modern Mythos story ‘The Cattle Thief’.

Next, take a ride with Wayne, Nimisha, Amrit and Prerna as they go on a thrilling adventure while on vacation in ‘Holiday Detectives’.

Meet Ira and Chatur, two unlikely friends on an even unlikelier quest. Join them as they try to stop two giant monsters from destroying their town in ‘The Sum of the Parts’.

Laugh out loud with the witty Br’er Rabbit as he outwits the annoying Br’er Fox in the North American folk tale ‘Well, Look at That!’

Hang out with Nidhi as she goes about making a blockbuster movie in the hilarious yarn ‘S.O.S.’

Then stop by at Anansi’s place for dinner, who desperately doesn’t want to share his meal with Turtle in ‘Anansi the Spider: Welcome to Dinner’.

Get your blood pumping and your heart racing as you check out the most bizarre running races in the world in ‘Bizarrace’.

Crack the case of missing villagers with Shaoli and Rudra in ‘The Missing People of Dajipur’. But beware of a lurking leopard...

Go on an epic adventure with the Defective Detectives as they try to solve every imaginary mystery at Raja Hooja’s ball in the Mega Toon Mash-Up ‘The Grand Case of the Grand Ball’.

Play the majestic ‘Tinkle Town Centre Board Game’ and have the most fun you’ve had in your life!

Brrr! Strange ghosts are haunting Vanish Mountain and it’s up to Lipa, Ray and Joy to put an end to their menace in ‘Lights Out!’

Earth is in danger as a sneaky spy is out to destroy the planet. Join hands with a cosmic warrior to defend Earth in ‘Valrog vs Galaaga’.

Plus, everyone’s favourite goofball Suppandi is here too! See what he was like as a child in ‘Angle Bungle’ and as an adult trying to drive a car in ‘Direction Confusion ’.


Challenging puzzles, fun activities, games and jokes galore presented to you by none other than your beloved Tinkle Toons—Suppandi, Tantri, WingStar, Aisha, Buchki, Ina Mina Mynah Mo, and more!

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Tinkle Holiday Special No.47
Amar Chitra Katha
Publication Year
Age Group
6-14 Years
Volume Number

What our Customers Say –

My son just loves reading AmarChitraKatha. I have been buying the book online since a year now, and I have never had a single problem. The customer support is great too.

–Sharavi Sastry, Mumbai.

Recently bought the Ultimate Collection at a great discount, my kids are ecstatic & so am I. They have almost completed reading the entire collection! It's like a competition between them :P

–Amishi Kumar, Chennai.

The loyalty points system is very nice. Thank you for understanding how loyal your readers are! We are truely die hard fans of the books and characters (and now merchandize!). Good luck!

–Gautam S, Mumbai.

Facts & Trivia–

ACK has sold more than 90 million copies in 20 Indian languages.

Amar Chitra Katha was the first publication to combine the comics art style with ancient Indian stories.

Lord Vishnu Has a Thousand Names!

Anant Pai, our founder-editor, wanted to acquaint Indian children with their heritage. He believed that it would help develop self esteem.

The first 10 ACKs were European fairytales! The first Indian story started with 'Krishna', ACK no.11.

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