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Homepage is online shopping destination for some of the India’s most loved brands including Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Karadi Tales, Brainwave, Bright Start and National Geographic.

ACK Media

ACK Media is India's leading entertainment and education company for young audiences. Some of India's most-loved brands including Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle & Karadi Tales come from the house of ACK Media. The well-known and much-loved Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu characters are also a part of the ACK Media family. We develop products for multiple platforms including print, home video, broadcast television, films, mobile and online services. ACK Media is headquartered in Mumbai, with a product development studio in Bengaluru and a subsidiary in Chennai.

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Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha, the flagship brand was founded in 1967 and is a household name in India. This illustrated series comprises the best stories from the great epics, mythology, history and folktales. It has more than 400 comics in 20 languages, that have sold 90 million copies to date, making it a cultural phenomenon.

Epics and Mythology | Singles | 3 in 1 | 5 in 1 
Of gods and goddesses, demons and sages, princes and princesses. The best tales from the Ramayana,Mahabharataand the Puranas that acquaint us with our roots.
Fables and Humour | Singles | 3 in 1 | 5 in 1
They teach and they entertain.From the limitless treasure chest of Indian folktales and fables, aselection of all that is wise, thought-provoking & plain funny!
Visionaries | Singles | 3 in 1 | 5 in 1
Their thoughts and actions moulded the character of our country. Thinkers, social reformers and nation builders who lit the path for others to tread on.
Indian Classics | Singles | 3 in 1 | 5 in 1
The best of Indian classical literature from Kalidasa, Bhasa, Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay and others - stories that have stood the test of time.
Bravehearts Singles | 3 in 1 | 5 in 1
Stirring stories of courage and sacrifice. Men and womenwho gave their all to protect the land they called home. Saluting the bravehearts of India.
Indian Languages | Hindi | Marathi | Gujarati | Bangla | Malayalam | Tamil Telugu 
Popular Amar Chitra Katha titles that have been translated into different languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengla, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu
These are special theme based collections of the most popular Amar Chitra Katha comics.
These are special volumes which bring the most popular classics of all time in a collector's edition.
New releases
Get all the new releases from AmarChitraKatha here. 
Amar Chitra Katha Buying Guide
From first time readers to loyal collectors, from children to adults, there is an ACK for everyone. This quick guide will help you find the right titles to match your needs.

Tinkle Magazine brings together the best of entertainment and education in one colourful package. Each issue contains a mix of humorous and adventurous stories, besides the amusing antics of much-loved characters such as Suppandi, Shikari Shambu and Tantri the Mantri. With fascinating general knowledge, do-it-yourself craft ideas, puzzles, quizzes, brainteasers and jokes for its young readers, Tinkle provides hours of fun. Presenting Tinkle to a child is a wonderful way to get him or her to start reading.
Tinkle Digest 
Tinkle Digest is a monthly magazine that’s all about adventure and the joy of discovery. Printed in a travel-friendly size, it is your Tinkle entertainment on the go. Explore 100 pages worth of comics, facts, experiments and much more. Meet Tinkle’s most popular characters including Tantri the Mantri, Shikari Shambu, Suppandi and Kalia the Crow and enjoy stories of Tinkle Digest’s newest characters like Chiyo, Mos Queeto, Samson, and Indira. Our stories cover several genres from sic-fi, to folk tales, to modern day manga.
Tinkle Double Digest
Tinkle Double Digest is a 180-page comic book which is published on a monthly basis. It is a collection of the best stories from the past issues of Tinkle Magazine, Tinkle Digest and Tinkle Holiday Specials. You can find stories of all the classic Tinkle toons, the new Tinkle Magazine toons and the original Tinkle Digest toons in every issue of Tinkle Double Digest.
Tinkle Indian Languages
Tinkle is now available in different regional language in the form of TInkle Special Digest with your favourite comic toons Suppandi, Shikari Shambhu, Tantri Mantri, Kalia The Crow and others.

Tinkle Super Savers
Your favourite Tinkle toons will keep you entertained for months in Super Saver packs of  Tinkle Double Digests. If you are looking for a large collection of comic books that you can always have around, then Tinkle Super Savers are ideal pack for you! Each issue is a 196-page comic book so you are sure to get a large dose of Tinkle to keep you occupied for an entire year.
Tinkle Characters 
Have a favourite Tinkle character? Now you can read the best stories of your favourite character in our special Collections series. Be it Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Defective Detectives, Prayelal or Janoo and Wooly Woo… you can catch the best of their adventures here.
Tinkle Tall Tales
How tall can a tale go? Is it limited by words or pictures? Or is it limitless… like imagination? Tinkle Tall Tales, Tinkle’s line of graphic novels [novels in the comics format], is best suited for finding answers to these questions.
Tinkle Merchandize
Tinkle, India's most loved comic, with it's legendary characters, has made a home in the hearts of millions– kids & adults alike, from the time it was first published in 1980. Now we have decided to take the love of our fans to bring them an interaction with their favorite stories and characters that goes beyond the pages.

It is our pleasure to introduce a range of Tinkle related merchandise starting with the figurines(bobble-heads) of our 3 of the most talked about and popular characters– Suppandi, Shambu & Billy!

New Releases
Get all the new Tinkle releases in this section. 
Tinkle releases special magazines and digests to commemorate important events like anniversaries and centenary issues. These exclusive issues are usually collector’s editions that feature unique content. For e.g. the 600th edition of Tinkle featured stories from India’s top storytellers while the 33rd Anniversary issue paid a tribute to all of Tinkle’s legendary creators. The 250th issue of Tinkle Digest went all-out with its look, stories and art. If you are a collector, you wouldn’t want to miss adding these issues to your bookshelf and making it special!

Subscribe | Magazine | Digest | Combo
If you are an avid comic book collector or need your monthly dose of Tinkle at your doorstep, choose from our variety of subscription packages. Be it a one-year or two-year subscription, domestic or international residence, or if you need a combination of Tinkle titles every month, you can find the perfect package from the options we have for you.
Tinkle Buying Guide
Welcome to Tinkle-verse, home of Tinkle Magazine, Tinkle Digest, Tinkle Regional and all things Tinkle! Here, you will find stories that will delight your children as well as the child in you. You will also meet characters (better-known as Tinkle toons) such as Suppandi, Shikari Shambu and Tantri the Mantri who, like the best of friends, shall never leave your side once you’ve got to know them. 

Karadi Tales
An independent subsidiary of ACK Media, Karadi Tales is a pioneer in the market for multi-media Indian content with over 45 titles in children’s audiobooks, over 25 titles in home video and 10 adult audio biographies. From Karadi Rhymes to the heritage series, the children’s audio books have brought alive the world of Indian classics fables and folklore.
Audio Books  | Karadi Tales Heritage | Karadi Rhymes | Under The Banyan | Karadi Tales Bilingual | Charkha
This series comprises popular stories from Indian fables, folklore and mythology narrated by stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Saeed Jaffery and Girish Karnad among others, who brings the tales alive with flawless diction and a pace that holds the child’s undivided attention.
Picture Books | Chitra (Bilingual) | English Picture Books
Life’s truest lessons can be learnt from the rich folktales and mythology of India. The wisdom of our ancient heritage is rendered beautifully in these stories written by some of India’s finest writers for children and illustrated by renowned artist from all over the world. Compiled in pairs, these stories are sure to win your child’s heart.
DVDs | Karadi Tales DVDs | Mythology DVDs
Timeless classics from the Panchatantra, Jataka, Indian folklore and tales from the grand epics and puranas of India like never before!

Bright Start
ACK Media along with other children focussed ventures has launched a new series of Early Learning and Preschool books under the imprint of Bright Start for the age group of 2-6 years of age. Bright Start is aimed at making learning a pleasant and easy experience for young children. The wide collection of books under Bright Start will allow the children's imagination to grow and will help them to develop new skills quickly and easily. The segments  of books include Learning series, Writing series. Activity Books, Colouring books, Charts, Chart books, Drawing books, Jigsaw and Board books. With an aim to expand the catalogue to over 200 titles, these books under Bright Start will provide the right direction for the learning process and also offer a fun-filled experience.
Activity Book Series | Mystic Pencil Books | Colouring Cum Stories Book With ACK Characters | Colouring Cum Stories Book with Tinkle Characters |Fun Coloring |On the Go Series - Kalia
The Activity books will help children develop higher concentration, enhance eye-hand co-ordination and improve visual motor control. 
Learning Series | Hindi Vernmala | Picture BooksChart Books | Count Series | Picture Crossword | Word Search | Preschool
The books under this category will help prepare children with first stage of learning and will introduce them to the basic concepts of early learning.
Writing Series | Alphabet Writing | Number Writing | Pattern Writing | Cursive Writing | Hindi Writing - Sulekhmala
Mapped with the preschool curriculum, the Writing series will help develop neat, legible and perfect handwriting! 
Board Book Series | Chunky Board Books | Mini Jigsaw Puzzle
These pocket-sized Board books by Bright Start with simple, attractive illustrations, pack a punch!  These board books are specially designed to develop language skills and vocabulary among children, and to encourage observation and recognition of simple, everyday things. 

Magazines and Subscriptions
Tinkle | Magazine | Digest | Combo
If you are an avid comic book collector or need your monthly dose of Tinkle at your doorstep, choose from our variety of subscription packages. Be it a one-year or two-year subscription, domestic or international residence, or if you need a combination of Tinkle titles every month, you can find the perfect package from the options we have for you.
Brainwave | Magazine Subscription
A monthly science magazine that encourages creative thinking and stimulates curiosity in children, igniting their minds with the wonders of science and technology.
National Geographic NATGEO Magazine | NATGEO Traveller | Combo Offers
National Geographic Magazine is the global leader in empowering people to navigate the world, providing authoritative, unbiased content that addresses today’s complex issues, while uncovering the wondersof our time. Each issue captivates millions of curious readers withworld-class, award-winning photography and reporting that inspire them to make informed decisions and effect positive change. As part of the world’s largest non-profit scientific, education, and entertainment organizations, National Geographic has unmatched reach to a national audience that influences opinions on the Beltway, in the board room, in Silicon Valley, and beyond.
National Geographic Traveller India is the Indian edition of National Geographic Traveler (U.S.), the travel magazine of the National Geographic Society. National Geographic Traveller India’s main aim is to inspire travel. It is an inclusive magazine that focuses on ‘real travel for real people’ through experiential and immersive storytelling. We are about family travel, unique experiences, as well as new ways of covering older destinations and sharing eco-tourism insights. Traveller’s tag line is ‘nobody knows this world better,’ and accordingly, all stories attempt to capture a place’s essence in a way that inspires readers to follow in the writer’s footsteps, and equips them to do so with useful destination information. National Geographic Traveller India eschews fashion and fluff in favor of fantastic photography, insightful articles and reader-friendly service.
RobinAge is an award-winning weekly newspaper for children aged between 4 and 15 years. It has been created to encourage the habit of reading through content that is interactive, informative, positive and engaging. RobinAge carries news and information on current affairs, science, history, sports, careers, culture and environment along with activities, puzzles and interactive projects. Each issue also includes a special Jr RobinAge supplement for our youngest readers. Jr RobinAge carries fun activities, general knowledge, school subjects and the Each One Teach One programme, which children can use to teach someone basic written and spoken English. Our Motto is to encourage young readers to Care for their surroundings and environment Share the joy of reading and learning Dare to act upon their dreams and ambitions The Voice of Children RobinAge serves as a forum through which children can express their opinions and creativity 25% of RobinAge's content is created by children RobinAge as a Learning Resource Creates awareness on a range of subjects and stimulates interest in learning Helps children develop the habit of reading and improves language skills Provides news and information that is relevant to school curricula and projects Includes a four-page Jr RobinAge supplement designed especially for young readers RobinAge is published by Deep Prakash and is an initiative by the Printografik group of companies.

Books and Media
Every kind of book or article that you have ever wanted – be it adventure books, academic books, business management books, philosophical tales, fun activity books, humorous stories, personal growth, inspirational books, articles on current issues, esoteric topics such as geology, genetics, food conservation and much more – are here.
Fiction and Non Fiction | Educational and Professional Books | Business, Investing Management | Self Improvement | Philosophy | Personal Growth | Academic and Professional | Action and Adventure 

Deals and More
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