ACK Rewards Programme!

You can earn points through any of the following activities -

  • Sign Up for a new account on
  • Write a Review or Rate a Product (You need to be signed in)
  • Earn points with Every purchase on the website.
  • Each of the above actions will earn you various number of points.These points get added to your account.

    You can use these points to get discounts when making purchases on the website. You can apply these points in the 'Cart Page' or during checkout in the 'Payment Method' page.

    Your discount will be deducted from the final amount you have to pay for your order. You will see the final amount in the 'Order Summary' step which is the last step in your checkout process.

    Can i make part payments through my points and the rest of it through another mode of payment?

  • Yes! The points that you choose to spend will be deducted as discount before you place your order. Depending on how many points you actually use, you will have to pay the rest of the balance by choosing any of the other payment methods.
  • Got more questions? Please write to us at and we'll be happy to help!

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