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National Geographic Traveller Magazine

National Geographic Traveller India is the Indian edition of National Geographic Traveler (U.S.), the travel magazine of the National Geographic Society. National Geographic Traveller India’s main aim is to inspire travel. It is an inclusive magazine that focuses on ‘real travel for real people’ through experiential and immersive storytelling. We are about family travel, unique experiences, as well as new ways of covering older destinations and sharing eco-tourism insights. Traveller’s tag line is ‘nobody knows this world better,’ and accordingly, all stories attempt to capture a place’s essence in a way that inspires readers to follow in the writer’s footsteps, and equips them to do so with useful destination information. National Geographic Traveller India eschews fashion and fluff in favor of fantastic photography, insightful articles and reader-friendly service. National Geographic Traveller India is a print and online publication that focuses on real travel for real people. The goal is to bring variety to travel, to take a new look at old destinations, to showcase fresh travel opportunities, and to highlight eco-tourism initiatives