Mythology Mega Collection: 73 Titles (English)

Mythology Mega Collection: 73 Titles (English)


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The Mythology Treasure Chest!

Amar Chitra Katha's 'Mythology Mega Collection' pack consists of 73 brilliant mythological stories. Read about numerous popular mythology heroes and their tales of wisdom, valour, and triumph all available in one compact, pocket-friendly box set. From Valimiki’s Ramayana to Mahabharata, Bahubali to Bheema, Hanuman to Prahlad, every great Indian story is selectively picked by editors to bring you this mega collection of mythological comic books.

This pack consists of the following titles:

  1. Abhimanyu
  2. Amba
  3. Andhaka
  4. Aniruddha
  5. Aruni And Uttanka
  6. Ashwini Kumars
  7. Ayyappan
  8. Bahubali
  9. Bheema And Hanuman
  10. Bheeshma
  11. Chandrahasa
  12. Dasha Avataar
  13. Dasharatha
  14. Dhruva And Ashtavakra
  15. Draupadi
  16. Drona
  17. Elephanta
  18. Gandhari
  19. Ganesha
  20. Ganesha And The Moon
  21. Ganga
  22. Garuda
  23. Ghatotkacha
  24. Hanuman
  25. Hanuman To The Rescue
  26. Harischandra
  27. Indra And Shachi
  28. Indra And Shibi
  29. Jagannatha Of Puri
  30. Jayadratha
  31. Kacha And Devayani
  32. Karna
  33. Karttikeya
  34. Konark
  35. Krishna
  36. Krishna & The False Vaasudeva
  37. Krishna And Jarasandha
  38. Krishna And Narakasura
  39. Krishna And Rukmini
  40. Krishna And Shishupala
  41. Kubera
  42. Kumbhakarna
  43. Mahabharata
  44. Mahiravana
  45. Nachiketa
  46. Nahusha
  47. Nala Damayanti
  48. Prahlad
  49. Rama
  50. Ravana Humbled
  51. Saraswati
  52. Sati And Shiva
  53. Savitri
  54. Shiva Parvati
  55. Stories Of Creations
  56. Sudama
  57. Surya
  58. Tales From The Upanishads
  59. Tales Of Arjuna
  60. Tales Of Balarama
  61. Tales Of Durga
  62. Tales Of Indra
  63. Tales Of Narada
  64. Tales Of Shiva
  65. Tales Of Vishnu
  66. Tales Of Yudhisthira
  67. Thanjavur
  68. The Churning Of The Ocean
  69. The Gita
  70. The Golden Mongoose
  71. The Lord Of Lanka
  72. The Pandava Princes
  73. Special Issues
  74. Valmiki's Ramayana

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Mythology Mega Collection: 73 Titles (English)
Anant Pai
Amar Chitra Katha
Publication Year
Age Group
9-19 Years
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What our Customers Say –

My son just loves reading AmarChitraKatha. I have been buying the book online since a year now, and I have never had a single problem. The customer support is great too.

–Sharavi Sastry, Mumbai.

Recently bought the Ultimate Collection at a great discount, my kids are ecstatic & so am I. They have almost completed reading the entire collection! It's like a competition between them :P

–Amishi Kumar, Chennai.

The loyalty points system is very nice. Thank you for understanding how loyal your readers are! We are truely die hard fans of the books and characters (and now merchandize!). Good luck!

–Gautam S, Mumbai.

Facts & Trivia–

ACK has sold more than 90 million copies in 20 Indian languages.

Amar Chitra Katha was the first publication to combine the comics art style with ancient Indian stories.

Lord Vishnu Has a Thousand Names!

Anant Pai, our founder-editor, wanted to acquaint Indian children with their heritage. He believed that it would help develop self esteem.

The first 10 ACKs were European fairytales! The first Indian story started with 'Krishna', ACK no.11.

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