Mapui Kawlim: NOT your average neighborhood girl

WingStar The Super Hero

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Mapui Kawlim led a fairly regular life; she was a 13 year old from Aizwa, Mizoram.  She hates Maths, loves a good hot fudge sundae and enjoys having sleepovers with her best friends, Fiona and Zobia. Not just that, Mapui also loves and adores her parents and shares an adorable relationship with them.

But, things took a turn when her father, Tashi Kawlim, an inventor, gave her some gizmos and a superhero suit.

The teenager Mapui thehn turns into the superhero WingStar.  Mapui’s mother, Khyati Kawlim, is a martial arts teacher and equips Mapui with physical skills that she can fall back upon when her suit isn’t with her.

So now, other than having to do her homework and making it on time for her first period in school, Mapui also fights robbers, brings down corrupt ministers and protects her family and friends from all evil. Read more