Tinkle Combo :1 Year Subscription + Free DVD
List Price: 1,200
Our Price: 880
27 %
Tinkle Combo : 1 year subscription + Free Time Compass DVD. TINKLE is a fun-to-read 72-page monthly comics magazine. Each issue contains several delightful stories, some revolving around lovable cartoon characters that feature regularly in the magazine. Each issue also contains a fascinating science or general knowledge feature, a do-it-yourself craft idea, puzzles, gags, a book review and first hand accounts of various experiences our young readers have had. TINKLE DIGEST is a 96-page comics book in pocket book size. It contains stories and features from back issues of TINKLE magazine. The payment for the subscription received on or before the 5th of the month will start with the forthcoming issue of Tinkle and Tinkle Digest. For payments received after the 5th of the month please allow 6 weeks for your copies to be delivered to you. (eg: For payment received on 3rd January, the subscription will start from the month of February. For payment received after 5th January, the subscription will start from the month of March.) Kindly note: As Tinkle and Tinkle Digest have different dispatch schedules, you will receive them separately.
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